Lt General (R) Agha
Muhammad Umer Farooq, HI(M)

Member Board of Advisory/Former President
Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies
National Defence University-Islamabad

Lt. Gen Farooq is a leading international expert on national and international security policy and strategy. He is a security and public diplomacy practitioner with sharp focus on dynamics including geo-economics, social, society and ideological behaviors affecting national as well as international peace, conflict and stability. Presently he is a President Center of peace, security and developmental studies in Karachi, Pakistan.

He has been representing Pakistan in numerous national and international seminars, workshops and studies, as an international authority on a wide array of subjects related to national and international security, which include comprehensive National security policy, Strategic leadership and management, Counterterrorism & Counter Insurgency, Soft power and hard power dynamics, Disaster response, crisis management and contingency planning, Sub-conventional, conventional and unconventional warfighting, Kineticism and Non-kineticism applications as Statecraft tools, Multi-Agency stability operations, social action planning, South Asian regional studies and International relations.

As President National Defence University, Islamabad (2010-2012), Lt. Gen Farooq transformed and guided the leading military institution of Pakistan by equipping the strategic level senior civil and military leadership with in-depth knowledge and wide array of skills, essential to cope with both the contemporary and emerging 21st century challenges to national and international security. His unique contributions towards NDU include the introduction of the concept of Soft Power, development of comprehensive National Security Policy, Strategies and Non- Kinetic Threats modules. Under his guidance, the military and defence policy and strategy modules were expanded and now incorporate conventional, un-conventional, sub-conventional as well as 4th Generation warfare concepts.

Lt. Gen Farooq also played a key role towards reinvigorating NDU as a leading think tank on key policy and strategic issues and enhancing its capacity to provide strategic direction via focused roundtables, seminars, workshops, scenario developments, research, and publications. Due to Lt. Gen Farooq’s personal efforts and commitment, today ISSRA is not merely collaborating with most leading research institutions on a global level, but more importantly, its academic and intellectual inputs are held in high esteem at both home and abroad.

His Special Assignments/Employments in the past includes:

  • Pakistan High Commissioner/Ambassador to Nigeria with accreditation for Ghana, Cameroon, Eq Guinea, Benin, Gabon.
  • Senior Consultant United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime for Pakistan
  • President National Defence University Pakistan.
  • Member, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  • Member Technical Committee National
  • Board Member – Centre for Pakistan & Gulf Studies
  • Pakistan – India, Track II Dialogue
  • Civil-Military Relations & Imbalances, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad
  • US – Pakistan Strategic Dialogue 2008-2009
  • Chief of Staff and operations, Federal Relief Commission (FRC) for Earthquake Oct 2005, Prime Minister Secretariat
  • Director General, Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), Prime Minister Secretariat
  • Crisis Control & Disaster management aspects, National Disaster Management Authority
  • Counter Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism training
  • UN Peacekeeping mission training